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what is true lurve????

September 22, 2010 6:06:00 AM

baru bole tarik nafas lega...
yelah dari pukul 3 tadi wat keja....
walaupon x berapa nak siap, at least 80 % da siap....


kemarin, kat dalam kelas....
macam mn ntah syamer amek stick note aku....
kat stick note tuh aku tulis,

"true love means to share ur heart & not to be lonely.. to be warm, happy... that sort of thing...."

tiba2, syamer tambah ;

"true luv is something that does not exist. its just a fantasy that create by human. prove to me, what in the world is the true love??? its all fake. True love is ALLAH.

pastuh dia sambung lagi....

even true love is exist, it hurting people that not so lucky in love life. it not sweet like people think.
it may be.......


pastuh maisarah sambung lak...

true love??? ermm...something that subjektif... i dont trust it ... it is ditficult to say it .... if u feel it, u r lucky... because not every1 can feel that feeling...
whatever it in, lurve ur or our God before we lurve someone... love can make me sick... but in the human being.... i don't trust 'love'..

true love is something that come from our deeper heart. it can't be see but can be feel..may we all will find our love soon...


tuh dia.... macam2 budak2 nih.... apa plak tafsiran korang plak??
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